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Creation of web-sites and databases

Web-site’s creation, to create a web-site, production of a web-site, creation of database, system of web-site’s control CMS, web-site’s production.

Web-site represent Your company in Internet.

Specialists of KOMPAS production can create different web-sites, such as:

- Wap-site. For mobiles phones and handheld computers.
- Business card. Several web-pages with texts and graphics.
- Corporate web-site. Shows a company’s sphere of business.
- Internet catalogue.
- Internet-shop.
- Flash-site. Interactive site.

Also we can offer:

- 2d, 3d, flash -animation.
- Multimedia insert.
- Banners (gif and flash).
- Redesign – changes in design of web-site without content’s changes.
- Setting of system of web-site’s control CMS.
- Web-site’s support.
- Creation of database.


You send us filled technical project for the production of a web-site (we can e-mail it for You). The technical project has to contain necessary information about the site’s content, appearance and design, etc. After detailed analysis of the information presented we will be able to prepare for You the best bid for web-site and database’s production.

Just connect us any suitable for You way and You can learn the cost and terms of production of web-site for Your company. The cost of web-sites’ production depend on theirs complexity and can vary from 200 USD to thousands USD.

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